BreakFree Is

BreakFree is a community of women committed to breaking free from self limitations and to create the lives they really want. The three-part education workshop provides specific theory, skills, and tools that focus on empowerment and support. BreakFree began in 1993 when Fred Jealous, founder/director of Breakthrough for Men generously shared his successful Breakthrough program materials with Licensed Clinical Social Worker Janet Thomas who designed an entire curriculum for women.

BreakFree has continued to grow and evolve with more than a thousand graduates to date! We’re back with plans for one of the best years ever!

BreakFree Workshop Topics

  • Self-esteem as a decision
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Maintaining our full functioning adult
  • Inner child work & re-parenting
  • Identifying addictions as patterned responses to distress
  • Giving back carried feelings
  • Adaptive child work
  • Discharging old distress
  • Living based on our Inherent Nature
  • Full appreciation of ourselves and others
  • Breaking free from gender conditioning
  • Embracing conflict as a healing opportunity
  • Giving and receiving attention
  • Exploring Sex, Love, and Intimacy
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To be one woman, truly, wholly, is to be all women. Tend one garden and you will birth worlds.

–Kate Braverman

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