Meet Longtime Monterey Peninsula Resident,
Janet Thomas…

…she hails from a small town in Iowa where she grew up on a farm as the youngest of five children. She and her husband, George, have four children and five grandchildren (and counting).

Janet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples and groups.

The focus of her work is assisting individuals to create the life they really want to live. Working on attaining dreams and goals in the present often brings up past unresolved traumas, old fear-based messages and past family and social conditioning.

Compassionately, Janet will work together with you to explore those hurts and roadblocks and move towards creating the future that is truly and uniquely yours. Janet uses an eclectic array of therapeutic techniques, selecting those that seem most beneficial to each client. Approaches include: Gestalt, inner child work, cognitive therapy, and hypnotherapy.

“Hope is a powerful thing. When we start to see how our behavior makes sense, we experience new hope about the possibility for change. I believe in working in the present, to understand the impact of the past; so that we can create our fully alive future.”

–Janet Thomas

Janet, looking at us, seated in her office on a sofa